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  • TRAIN ORDERS – May 2018

     Greetings, First let me apologise for not sending out a TO prior to our meeting Saturday just past. Things have been rather hectic and fraught at home this past 2 weeks and writing up TO was completely put on the back burner due to a few issues. One being a sickness bug which has laid […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – March 2018

                                                             CALDER NORTHERN GROUP                                             TRAIN ORDERS March 2018 Greetings, Our February meeting was a resounding success. 29 members and guests plus 10 ladies who enjoyed their champagne, strawberries and chocolates! It was good to see so many people for this event and hopefully we can do the same next time. I would like to thank […]

  • Annual General Meeting – 17th March 2018

    Annual General Meeting of Calder Northern Group Held on Saturday 17th. March 2018 at 11.00am.  Minutes of the Meeting Committee members present were –    Tony Gath (Chairman), Mike Lenz (Treasurer), Terry Wynne (Secretary), Steve Scott, Alan Wyatt, Brian Burke Apologies  – were received from – Derek Frith, Bob Bevan, Andrew Wicks, Paul Mitchell, Mike Hawkes, […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – January 2018

                                                             CALDER NORTHERN GROUP                                             TRAIN ORDERS January 2018   Greetings, Here’s hoping you have had a great Christmas and so now it is time to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Let’s hope that 2018 is a good year for everyone. I recently mailed out a full list of the meeting dates for […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – September 2017 – UPDATE

    Dear all, At our September meeting the Group discussed the option of buying a Rapido Trains RDC for use on North Western Mills layout. A vote was taken and a unanimous show of hands agreed that we should buy the item. I am discussing with Jason what price he will agree to as he tells […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – September 2017

    First I must tell you that one of the past members of Calder Northern has unfortunately died. Rex Martin known to our more senior members will remember Rex ceased to be a NMRA member around the time we moved from Broadheath. Rex died, aged 90, about 3 months ago but regrettably nobody advised us until […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – August 2017

                                                           TRAIN ORDERS July/Aug 2017  First of all apologies to those who normally receive their train orders by post, I really messed up big time with those as I have just recently found your copies inside the addressed envelopes under a pile of other papers hidden one day when visitors arrived suddenly. Sorry for that and […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – April 2017

    Well this is me back again writing Train Orders. I wish to thank George Neyman for his sterling work in keeping us all informed during his term in office. Thanks also to Les Herriot and Tony Hayselden for their substantial efforts in managing the group and the group finances. I am sure I speak for […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – March 2017

    Annual General Meeting March is the month for the AGM, to be held on the 18th. Reference the February Train Orders, it also is Valentine’s Day for all who can invite their ladies to come along and take part. Please give Terry Wynne a call to advise if your lady is coming so that adequate […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – January 2017

    Welcome to 2017: Your Committee joins in wishing everyone an exciting and train filled 2017. May your modeling projects all produce great results and perhaps more of you will take the time and effort to “share the knowhow” with your colleagues in the hobby at our various meetings throughout the year. There are some good […]