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  • TRAIN ORDERS – November 2016

    December Meeting Reminder  Members are reminded that items for the Christmas Festivities are very welcome if brought to the November Meet.  With the cornucopia of models that have been available through the Michael Coates collection, we should see a wonderful selection of gift items on the table at the Christmas event. Ladies are also invited […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – October 2016

                                                        CALDER NORTHERN DIVISION                          TRAIN ORDERS October 2016  As the dark is arriving earlier in the day and the pleasant warmth of your work area beckons, take stock of your modelling skills and work up a presentation, demonstration or clinic to give at one of our forthcoming meetings. There certainly must be something that you […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS August 2016

    With the risk of repeating a message, the note regarding the sale of the Michal Coates Collection is being repeated as the initial item in these Train Orders.  This is to make doubly certain that all of our members are aware of the intent to sell as much of the collection as possible at the […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS July 2016

    CALDER NORTHERN DIVISION TRAIN ORDERS July 2016 Our colleague Derek Milby has been in hospital again, this time with low blood pressure but Derek is now back home and sounds in good spirits. He says that by late summer he and Doug Sayles will hopefully manage a train journey down to Crewe. Promises have been […]

  • Train Orders November 2015

    New members: We extend a warm welcome to Basil Stevens of Merseyside who has joined the NMRA in our Division area. We hope that Basil will consider becoming a part of the Calder Northern Group. From Carlisle, we welcome Steven Brown as a new member. Les has introduced Steven to Brian Neville and we hope […]

  • Train Orders – September 2015

    Thanks: Fall has arrived and with the days drawing in to early darkness, it is time to get to your modeling work bench, dust off a project that might have been set aside for the summer, and get back to some modeling activity. To start off with, I wish to thank Terry for issuing the […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – May 2015

    This Train Orders is one where we have a number of thank you messages to get out of the way before we go on to other matters. First, thank you to those persons who turned up to help move the layout on the Wednesdays either side of the Railwayana Auction at the Heritage Centre on […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – March 2014

    March Meeting Reminder The postponed “Ladies thank you Valentine celebration” will now take place on Saturday 15th March, when we will provide champagne and chocolates for the ladies, thanking them for putting up with us and our hobby! Will those members bringing their wives or partners along please advise Terry Wynne by phone 01270 567050 […]