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  • TRAIN ORDERS – May 2015

    This Train Orders is one where we have a number of thank you messages to get out of the way before we go on to other matters. First, thank you to those persons who turned up to help move the layout on the Wednesdays either side of the Railwayana Auction at the Heritage Centre on […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – March 2014

    March Meeting Reminder The postponed “Ladies thank you Valentine celebration” will now take place on Saturday 15th March, when we will provide champagne and chocolates for the ladies, thanking them for putting up with us and our hobby! Will those members bringing their wives or partners along please advise Terry Wynne by phone 01270 567050 […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – January 2014

    Happy New Year to you all. We are pleased to advise that the Crewe Heritage Centre Trust in their meeting on 11th December approved the proposal discussed by two Trust members with Steve and Terry back in October. This approval allows Calder Northern Division to use the room we call our clubroom for a further […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – November 2013

    Hi, The presentation by Jason Shron of Rapido Trains, Canada on the 20th went extremely well and from the comments from those attending they thoroughly enjoyed an entertaining and humorous event. Jason first showed a couple of videos – the ‘coach in his basement’ and how they obtained the sound for the latest locomotive they […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – September 2013

    Hi, As you are aware Crewe Heritage Centre Trust received a proposal from the organisers of the Railway auctions of a higher payment for 6 weeks sole use of the room we use as our ‘clubroom’. The Trust asked Calder Northern to submit a proposal that took into account an increased rent for our continued […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – Extra

    I am only mailing this information as I still have the mailing list prior to handing this to the new Chairman and Secretary. The AGM yesterday saw 29 members signing in which was most encouraging. There were no nominations before the meeting for the vacant Chairman position but Les Herriot agreed to take up that […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – July 2013

    Friends, Welcome to my first Train Orders as your new Chairman. As you are very much aware recent activity has been overtaken by the problems we faced following the proposal given to Crewe Heritage Trust in April with an offer to take over the room we use as our clubroom. All of your committee plus […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – April 2013

    This is my last Train Orders Friends, This is my last Train Orders before I relinquish the post of Chairman of Calder Northern Division. I have only myself to blame when I ended up being cajoled into taking on the role of Chairman following what I thought was just a useful suggestion to send out […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – March 2013

    Greetings! Our next meeting is on Saturday March 23rd and we look forward to as many of you as possible coming along. Les Herriot will be giving a talk on his famous “Anti-wobble washers and coupler height adjustment”. We have suggested Les gives his talk around 1.30pm so you can all have your lunch beforehand. […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – February 2013

    Hi everyone, Our next meeting on Sunday 24th February is our belated “Valentine Special”; the one where we say thank you to the ladies in our lives for putting up with us and our hobby. So please bring your lady along for a glass of champagne and chocolates. I would appreciate it if you could […]

  • TRAIN ORDERS – January 2013

    Happy New Year After a turbulent 2012 let us hope the New Year brings stability to the British Region and that we can all settle to our models and club activities throughout the year with great enthusiasm. First I want to advise you all of that the October Meet at which we are hoping to […]